Lodges for Sale in Kent: Find Out Why It’s the Garden of England

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A lot of counties in England have a nickname. Nottinghamshire is known for being ‘Robin Hood’s County’, Lancashire is known as ‘The Red Rose County’ and Berkshire is known as ‘The Royal County.’ 

However, Kent certainly has the most famous moniker, and it’s known as ‘The Garden of England.’

Why is Kent Called the Garden of England?

If you know anything about Kent, you will know that it’s often referred to as the ‘Garden of England.’ This is due its picturesque landscapes, history, scenery and rich agricultural tradition. It boasts everything from lush countryside and gardens to orchards and vineyards. This creates a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities and leisurely walks. It even has coastline along the English Channel, which offers stunning views and iconic landmarks, including the White Cliffs of Dover.

Kent is one of the largest counties in England – coming in sixth behind the likes of North Yorkshire, Devon and Lincolnshire – and it’s located in the southeast, bordering Sussex, Greater London, Essex and Surrey. Charming villages and historic estates are dotted around the countryside, along with a handful of classic seaside towns. This further enhances Kent’s appeal as a place of beauty. Kent is home to numerous castles, cathedrals and mediaeval towns, reflecting its rich heritage. For example, Canterbury Cathedral stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Reasons to Choose Lodges for Sale in Kent

For a lot of people, Kent is a quintessential English county, renowned for its impressive landscapes and rich cultural heritage. For those seeking a tranquil and relaxing place to holiday, the lodges for sale in Kent could be ideal. Here are some of the reasons to choose one of the lodges for sale in Kent.

  • Breathtaking Scenery – The ‘Garden of England’ is not bestowed lightly, and the scenery really is breathtaking. Rolling hills, orchards and vineyards make up Kent’s countryside. Many of the lodges for sale in Kent are strategically placed amidst this countryside, boasting unparalleled views.
  • Historic Charm – Kent is steeped in history. It boasts an impressive array of castles, cathedrals and mediaeval towns. From the iconic Leeds Castle to Canterbury Cathedral, the lodges for sale in Kent place you in the perfect location to enjoy this unique history.
  • Agriculture Abilities – As an agricultural hub, Kent’s fertile lands produce a bounty of fresh, local produce. When you are in Kent, you can enjoy a farmers markets and a farm-to-table experience, which showcases the region’s agricultural abilities.
  • Coastal Delights – With its extensive coastline along the English Channel, Kent gives you the chance to explore picturesque beaches and iconic coastal landmarks. Lodges near the coast provide an idyllic setting for a seaside holiday.
  • Culture and Community – Kent’s theatres, festivals and community events express the area’s cultural vibrancy. To put it simply, there is always something going on in Kent, and the surrounding counties. To put it simply, choosing a lodge in Kent means becoming part of a community that values and celebrates the arts.

There are a lot of lodges for sale in Kent, so you certainly won’t find yourself short of choice. Whether you want to base yourself in the ‘Garden of England’ to explore the countryside, or you are more interested in the quaint and charming villages, Kent is a destination worth considering.