Holiday Lodges for Sale by the Sea: 5 Seaside Destinations To Consider
holiday lodges for sale by the sea

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If you are thinking about buying a holiday lodge, you have a lot of destinations to choose from, many of which are by the sea. To help you find your ideal holiday lodges for sale by the sea, we have taken a look at five of the UK’s most popular seaside destinations.

5 Popular UK Seaside Destinations


Located in North East Wales, Rhyl has been a beloved seaside destination for a long time, drawing in all types of holidaymakers. But, it’s especially popular among those seeking a mix of traditional charm and family friendly attractions. Its impressive sandy beaches are perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, strolling and letting children play. The town boasts a lively promenade with amusement arcades, delicious ice cream and a range of shops. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a classic seaside experience.

St. Ives

St. Ives is located on the Cornish coast, and it has captivated visitors with its breathtaking landscapes for many years. The town has a picturesque harbour and white sandy beaches, which are dotted with fishing boats. Thanks to its numerous galleries showcasing works inspired by the town’s natural beauty, St. Ives is popular among art enthusiasts. Cobbled streets, charming cottages, seafood restaurants and an overall ‘quaint’ feel add to the town’s appeal.


Cromer is a quintessential British seaside resort known for its timeless charm and traditional seaside attractions. Its iconic pier stretches out into the sea, offering panoramic views and family friendly entertainment. Cromer is known for having delicious seafood and everything you would expect from a seaside destination. It also has a Blue Flag beach and this highlights its safety, sand and colourful beach huts. It’s the perfect setting for a classic seaside holiday.


Known for its entertainment, Blackpool is a vibrant seaside town that has been welcoming visitors for generations. The famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach, provides thrills and excitement, whilst Blackpool Tower is a must visit landmark. The lively promenade, illuminated by the iconic illuminations, adds to the town’s atmosphere. Blackpool is a top choice if you are looking for a lively and fun filled seaside escape.


On the Kent coast, you will find Margate, which has undergone a revival in recent years. It attracts a diverse crowd, drawn in by the town’s mix of cultural attractions and traditional seaside activities. The sandy shores of Margate’s main beach offer a perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming and building sand castles. Margate is also home to Dreamland and a vintage amusement park, and this adds a nostalgic touch to your seaside holiday. The Old Town has a whole host of independent shops and cafes, all of which add a trendy and artistic vibe to this seaside destination.

The Appeal of Holiday Lodges for Sale by the Sea

The appeal of holiday lodges for sale by the sea is undeniable. They offer a unique and welcoming lifestyle that combines the comfort of home with the tranquillity of coastal living. One of the main draws of holiday lodges by the sea is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the calm and serenity of the coast. The waves crashing, salty sea air and coastal views create an idyllic backdrop for relaxation. The visual appeal of waking up to breathtaking sea views every day is another major selling point. Holiday lodges by the sea are often positioned to maximise views, allowing you to enjoy sunrises, sunsets and the sea.

Proximity to sandy beaches, as well as the ocean, is another key benefit. Holiday lodge residents have easy access to coastal walks, sunbathing, promenades and a range of water activities, from swimming and kayaking to sailing, creating a lifestyle centred around the sea. Plus, many holiday lodges are located within coastal communities that share a common appreciation for seaside living. This creates a sense of community among residents who share similar interests, creating a social and welcoming environment.

With so many seaside destinations to consider, you won’t be short of choice when it comes to finding your ideal holiday lodge for sale by the sea.