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Holiday Lodges in Bude: A Profitable Investment and Relaxing Getaway Combined

Are you in search of a new investment opportunity that also offers a relaxing getaway for you and your family?

Look no further than holiday lodges for sale in Bude!

Located along the picturesque coastline, these lodges not only offer breathtaking views but also present an opportunity for a fantastic letting income.

With our sublet guarantee, you can earn up to £28,045 annually for two years, making it an investment that practically pays for itself!

Let’s delve into the details of why these holiday lodges are worth your investment.

Holiday Lodges for Sale in Bude

Bude: A Coastal Gem with Endless Opportunities

Bude is a small coastal town in Cornwall, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the rolling hills of North Cornwall. This region attracts holidaymakers from all over the UK, piquing their interest with a wide range of activities from surfing, cycling, golfing, hiking, and exploring its many attractions.

Bude offers the perfect retreat, and with the holiday lodges that are for sale, you can further enhance your leisure time by ensuring that you have a home away from home.

A Profitable Investment: Holiday Lodges for Sale in Bude

The holiday lodges for sale in Bude are an excellent investment opportunity with guaranteed letting income. This investment opens up enormous opportunities, both leisure and rental income, given that North Cornwall is a prime holiday destination.

With the sublet guarantee, you can be sure that your investment will earn for itself, allowing you more time to sit back and enjoy the delights of the area.

Balancing Personal Use and Letting Income with Bude’s Holiday Lodges

The lodges offer flexible letting opportunities whereby you can balance between personal usage and letting income. As the owner of the lodge, you can have up to ten weeks of personal usage, but when not in use, the lodge should generate a passive income with our sublet guarantee covering the first two years of investment.

Enjoy Tax Incentives with Bude’s Commercial Property Investment

Aside from the hassle-free letting income, purchasing holiday lodges in Bude provides generous tax breaks, given that they are classified as commercial properties. Tax incentives include the deductibility of loan interest rates, maintenance, repair costs, and other expenses related to the lodge, also lending to making it an astute financial investment to own.

Experience Cornwall’s Attractions with Your Own Holiday Lodge

Investing in a holiday lodge in Bude might entail great letting returns, but it also offers personal benefits to you and your family.

With it, you can enjoy scenic walks, stunning beaches, cultural heritage sites, and the many family attractions that Cornwall offers.

Also, as a holiday lodge owner, your guests can have the freedom to explore the towns and villages at a more leisurely pace than would typically be the case during a conventional week-long stay at a hotel.

Balancing Investment and Leisure: The Benefits of Holiday Lodges in Bude

As you can see, investing in holiday lodges for sale in Bude is a great decision with a broad range of benefits.

The location and scenery alone make it an investment to treasure, while the guaranteed letting income and tax breaks make it a sound financial decision. Furthermore, the memories that come with the purchase will last a lifetime, making it a fantastic way to invest in your future while also enjoying a fantastic family getaway.

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Experience Bespoke Comfort: Your Perfect Holiday Home at Bude Coastal Resort

Looking for a holiday home that’s truly bespoke to your needs? Look no further than Bude Coastal Resort!

This stunning development of lodges for sale offers you the chance to own a property that’s been designed to your exact specifications.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy hideaway or a spacious family retreat, these lodges have everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

And with the option to buy and let out your property, you can enjoy the benefits of ownership while also making a return on your investment.

Situated right alongside the beautiful sea in North Cornwall, Bude Coastal Resort is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind in a peaceful and natural environment.