Family Lodge Holidays – Choosing The Park
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When choosing the right family lodge holidays, there are many aspects you’ll want to take into consideration:

Is the lodge big enough for me?

Do I like the décor?

Does it have a cosy feel?

Which lodge to buy

An area you may not think to check off the list is whether the park has the right facilities for family lodge holidays.

When browsing U.K. holiday lodge options, you may want to think about whether you want a lodge stay with dining facilities. Or you may need a gym for morning workouts, a pool for a peaceful swim, or even somewhere with enough activities for when the grandchildren visit.

Family Lodge Holidays – Dining Delights

If food plays an important role in your lifestyle, then finding a lodge stay with a perfect restaurant is a must. You’ll want to find a park that has onsite restaurants, so you won’t have to walk far to enjoy a well-cooked meal.

You may want variety when it comes to dining options. Do you need a restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines to suit everyone’s needs? Or a restaurant that serves options such as Italian, American, British and Asian cuisines? It’ll also ensure that each person can order a dish they love and leave you spoilt for choice.

Maybe you want to try some of the local flavours? 

If you’re planning to choose a holiday cottage by the sea, then you may want a seafood restaurant that serves freshly caught fish.

Another important aspect to consider is the ambiance of the onsite restaurant. You may want somewhere with a cosy feel where you can have a romantic meal, or somewhere less formal that would suit the whole family.

Lodge restaurant

Family Fitness On Holiday

If you enjoy keeping your family fit then a lodge park with an onsite gym may be a top priority. It means you won’t have to walk far to get to the gym and you can avoid any contracts and monthly fees.

When looking for lodge stays with gyms you can research the gym’s equipment, for example, you’ll want a gym that’s well-maintained. This ensures high quality and top-of-the-range equipment to create a satisfying workout.

You may want to look into other facilities that onsite gyms offer. Some of the gyms may have personal trainers working onsite. Personal training is a great way to get into shape. Your trainer can spend one-on-one time with you to keep you motivated throughout your workout session. They can even work with you to create meal plans, meaning that your diet won’t ruin any of your progress.

If you prefer gym classes to individual workouts, then this is also something you should double-check. If your new lodge site has gym classes that you can join, then it may even help you to make new, onsite friends.

Gym on lodge holiday

Family Swimming Pools

When choosing a lodge, a must-have may be that the site has a pool. Then, you need to decide what type of pool you want. Do you want an outdoor pool for hot, summer days? Or an indoor pool that you can use all year round? You may want a relaxing spa pool, where you can also enjoy a glass of bubbly or a lively pool where you can swim with the kids.

If you want a lodge site with a pool, then you may need to weigh up the pros and cons of either having an outdoor pool or an indoor pool. An outdoor pool is a great way to cool off during the high temperatures of the summer. However, it does mean that you won’t be able to use the pool during the winter. An indoor pool can be used all year round and they’re usually heated. However, you wouldn’t be able to experience the joys of having a refreshing dip that an outdoor pool offers.

If you’re choosing a lodge based purely on relaxation, then something like a spa pool may be best suited to you. It means you can do a few laps and then relax in a spa afterwards or take yourself to a sauna. If you choose a pool with a bar, then you can even divulge in a poolside glass of bubbly to fully enjoy you’re relaxed swimming session. 

swimming pool on lodge development

Focusing On Family Lodge Holidays

If you know your grandchildren will be visiting, you may want to make sure your lodge stay has child-friendly options. This may include play areas, kid’s clubs and special safety features. These amenities will ensure your grandchildren are able to stay safe.

Play areas will keep children entertained for hours. Outdoor ones are especially fun if the weather is on your side and with added benches, you can sit and enjoy the sun while you watch the kids play. If there’s an onsite play area that’s indoors then it would keep children entertained both rain and shine, however, it may just be slightly noisier.

A kid’s club may be something else you’ll want to consider when choosing the best lodge for you. If you already have plans for your grandchildren to come and stay for longer than a week in the summer holidays, then a kid’s club may be a great choice. Not only does it keep the kids entertained, but you can still do what you enjoy and feel like you’re having a breather.

If you’re a worried grandparent, then you may even want to be reassured that your lodge site has safety measures in place to stop any little ones from hurting themselves. This may include pool fencing, a lifeguard, a shallower kid’s pool or a soft play area.

Choosing the perfect lodge for your family

Picking the perfect lodge needs thoughtful consideration. You will need to research into U.K. lodge facilities to find out exactly what it is that you require from your lodge. The best lodge for you may only need one element, such as a friendly restaurant, or it may need much more such as an onsite gym and pool. 

By choosing a lodge best suited to you, you’ll be able to create perfect memories and have the best experience, whether that’s action-packed or chilled and relaxed.