Manufacturer Partnership Brings the Renewable Lodge to Life
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Sunseeker Holiday Homes, a leading manufacturer of holiday homes and luxury lodges, has unveiled its first renewable lodge in a unique partnership with a holiday park operator and renewable technology providers.

This collaboration, including Next Phase Leisure, Ambion Heating, Mixergy, and various solar panel partners, has led to the creation of the Aruba Renewable Lodge – a blend of luxury lodge amenities and energy-saving features aimed at helping park operators and lodge owners reduce energy costs and promote environmental preservation.

Why Choose the Aruba Renewable Lodge?

  • Energy Efficiency: The Aruba Renewable Lodge incorporates advanced energy-saving technologies like Ambion Infrared heating and Mixergy water tanks, ensuring efficient energy usage for sustainable operations.

  • Sustainable Design: Made from recyclable materials, the lodge represents eco-friendly construction, aligning with the principles of sustainable living.

  • Solar Power Utilisation: Equipped with solar panels that fulfil up to 80% of hot water requirements annually through solar PV, the lodge maximises the use of renewable energy.

  • Microgrid Integration: Surplus power from the solar panels feeds into the lodge park microgrid during vacancy periods, reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener park environment.

  • Industry Collaboration: Sunseeker Holiday Homes and its esteemed partners have brought to life an innovative sustainable lodge, demonstrating a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

Dennis Ashton, Managing Director of Sunseeker Holiday Homes, expressed enthusiastic support for the project, emphasising the significance of creating an exceptional sustainable lodge. The successful realisation of this project underscores the dedication of all partners involved, with special recognition extended to Andrew Hird from Next Phase Leisure for his unwavering support.

To explore the innovative features and benefits of the Aruba Renewable Lodge, visit the Sunseeker Holiday Homes website and embark on a journey towards sustainable luxury and environmental responsibility.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, the partnership birthed the Aruba Renewable Lodge, a leap towards sustainable luxury.

Discover its innovative features and benefits on the Sunseeker Holiday Homes website to join the journey towards sustainable luxury and environmental responsibility.